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How It Works

Set the style!

We'll show you a group of interior design images, select the images you like and feel if they're you style. Images can be partially or exactly what are you're looking for: don't worry this is just an overall style survey. You can select as many images as you like.

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Tag the images you like!

Tag the images you already selected with your favourite aspect: you can tag the colour, texture, design, object...etc. Tagging the images helps to bring your unique personality into the design. Add as many tags as you like.

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Add your personal touch

Based on the images you liked, we'll show you the style test results. Modify the outcome to best match your expectations. We use over 14 factors to generate your unique style, we use factors such as; Modern, Classic, Industrial, Natural, Minimalist, Baroque…etc.

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What's your colour scheme?

If you have a color scheme in mind? In this step you can set up to 3 different color schemes for our designers to be work with.
If you have nothing in mind you can let the designers be creative with their desings

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Assign the design requirements

Every project is different, here you can select all the requirements you wish to receive at the end of the contest. You can create a contest for only interior design 3D shots, or you can have a full design contest with electrical and mechanical design along with price estimation and balance of quantities. Simply check everything you wish to receive and let us do the rest.

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Assign personal requirements

Here you can add information about yourself/company, what it is you are looking for, upload references and inspirations. We added this step so you can deliver your personality.

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Set the time and prize

We'll suggest multiple budgets for you, set the price you are willing pay for the design. Also set the contest duration and add all extra features such as a public vote, or add a built design…etc. Only pay if you love one of the designs and select a winner.

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Launch the contest!

Sit back and relax, we will launch the contest to our designers worldwide! Interested designers from all over the world will be designing and submitting 3D schematics for you: you can give them feedback and ratings until the contest duration ends.

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Receive designs from all over the world!

At the end of the contest, select the winner and receive all the required design documents. We will hold the prize money, until you confirm you would like to receive the designs you love. Eldesignr will not charge you until you select a winner, we will hold the money until you verify and approve the received documents.

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