Contest Name : Madfooat Office Renovation

Contest type :Commercial

DeadLine :within 14 days

Area : 125sq/Meter

Contest description :

We represent the new era in electronic payments in Jordan, we would like the design to show the innovation and creativity in our solutions. Modern and financial feel is essential.
The winning design will be recognized by our company, an innovative design will be promoted among our network of banks and partners in Jordan.
We would like to renovate the look and feel of our officers in Amman, a new fresh modern/tech design.

1-The design will be focused on the main reception, the main hallway, and the kitchen/employee seating area. We're not looking to change the layout of the current space, we look to change the feel by redesigning the floor, the ceiling, the lighting, the colors and to add a creative touch over the walls, doors and glass wall.

The walls whether the glass or the gypsum board or the brick wall cannot be modified, the location of doors are not to be modified as well.

The reception area can be redesigned from scratch, ceiling, floor, and furniture can be redesigned.

Designers can modify the glass wall not by changing the location but by adding to it. For example, some designed gypsum board can cover some parts of the glass walls to create some artwork, or the designer can modify the glass wall by adding graphics stickers to it...,etc.

The kitchen area is widely used by our employees, a new seating area can be designed as well as the floor and the ceiling. The location of the kitchen itself can’t be modified nor the smoking room. Keep in mind that the main screen has to be in a central location for everyone to see, the screen location can be relocated to the hallway or the kitchen area.

Wall to separate the kitchen from the hallway is debatable but possible.
The door frames are made out of wood which cannot be replaced but can be covered, painted..., etc.
The blurry sticker on the lower part of the glass can be removed, redesigned..., etc.
Keep in mind while designing the ceiling to leave 60cm*60cm for ventilation openings.
New walls can be added, the closet exterior wood can be redesign.
Stickers using some of the graphics we use to introduce our service is a great option to cover some location/walls. It's totally up to the designer.
The entrance is on the most important factors in the design, we own the wall starting from the entrance door all the way to the end of the hallway.
Designers have to be creative here especially on the wall next to the entrance using the logo to promote the company the visitors passing by. The rest of the wall can be designed using stickers, colors, painting, lighting....,etc.

Check our website for any further info about the company Please find the attached CAD drawing and pictures to better understand the requirements.