Contest Name : HelloWorldKids Office Design

Contest type :Commercial

DeadLine :within 30 days

Area : 312sq/Meter

Contest description :

Company Overview

HelloWorldKids is a school curriculum developed to teach native programming for kids at the young age of 8 as a mainstream class.
The curriculum simplifies programming science basic concepts and combines it with logic, analytical thinking and entrepreneurship skills.
We also provide teachers with a qualifying training, that enables them to teach kids programming, and to be able to assess and measure their performance.
There is an obvious gap. The real programmers don't come to teach kids because they are busy at their work and companies. While most of the schools' teachers become disconnected from programming evolvement due to the lack of practical experience.
Schools, even those who like the idea of teaching programming, they dont know how to do that. With HelloWorldKids, the problem is solved by providing schools with curriculum, teachers, training, teachers guide, and measurement guide.

1-Two Big classroom for 20 students. Coding classes will be conducted, therefore seating design should take into consideration that each student will need a space for a laptop, network connection, plugs, etc.
2-The classroom should be designed to be usable by employees in case of no classes. The modern innovative design is a key to winning the contest.
3-Innovative ideas in doors, walls, ceiling are highly welcomed.
4-Open plan design, for the employees' desks.
5-The space should take between 30-35 work desk stations.
6-HR room is semi-private.
7-Small kitchen, network closet, bathrooms.
8-Reception area
9-Split unites AC for the whole area.
10-Minor access to natural lighting since it's a basement.
11-Lighting selection should take into consideration the longtime students/employees will spend in front of screens.
12-The design circulation should take into consideration guest tours in the office.
13-Fire exit should be easily accessible.
14-There's a mechanical pipes in the reception area can not be touched, the ceiling will be lower than the rest of the design.
15-The current floor is pure concrete.
16-Designers can add any extrusions to the current walls or add new walls, but can not cut/delete/remove the current walls since all the surrounding walls are retaining walls.
17-Employee meeting/presentation room.
18-We need a corner for the employees ( entertainment corner ) where there are a couch and a TV and a board where we can put updates on it and some activities, it does not need to be wide space it can be just a small open corner.
19-We need a wall where we can draw there our mascots and logo where the children can take photos there.
20-Make sure that the kitchen has a small dining area where also the kids can eat on their break.
21-CEO office + meeting room.
22-Creativity is a king, we teach kids in an innovative way and we want the design to reflect that.
23- Attached floor plan with description, please note the height is 3.55m. The design should include a flooring and a space between the slap and ceiling for the mechanical and electrical equipments.

elDesigners Disclaimer
This contest requires electrical and mechanical design, to apply for the contest, designers do not have to submit any of the mechanical or the electrical. Designers yet have to take into consideration the mechanical and the electrical requirements.
The winning designer will have 14 days to deliver all the required documents after being announced as a winner to receive the prize.
Check the contest deliverable.

Happy Designing!