How to Decorate Small Apartment Balconies with 3 Easy Ways

Design Inspires


Do you feel like redecorating your balcony? but you don't know how? It’s always a challenge deciding what to do with your balcony—as a result, many people leave it bare or just use it as a storage.Even the smallest balcony can be turned into a cozy retreat with some simple seating, plants, and a little imagination.

1. Understand Your Space:
Small balconies present big challenges. What is the shape of your balcony: short and square or long and skinny? Enclosed, covered, or open to the elements? Deck-style flooring or concrete slab?
Knowing these things will help you decide what kind of furniture, plants, or accessories will work best, and what won't work well at all. Putting a wide bench on a narrow balcony won't leave you much room for anything else.

2. Build Your Paradise:
Enjoy the beauty of nature, If your balcony is very small, consider turning it into a flower and herb garden. Mix up colorful perennials, seasonal delights, hardy ivies and herbs that you can use in the kitchen. Get a sturdy stool and a soft cushion for the seat so that you’ll enjoy working your own private garden.

3.Be Creative:
Express yourself and make the balcony your own—it’s your living space, after all. And what if you paint the walls. Then decorate as right with pillows in complementary colors, alternating shades, and hues of the color, different fabrics, and different textures. Hang pictures, window boxes, and things that make you smile. Of course, make sure they’re all weather-resistant.