6 Simple Ways to Add Style to Your Kitchen

Design Inspires


We all agree that the kitchen is the heart of the home. Even if you're not an avid chef, you still spend lots of time in there. It also always seems to be the place guests and family members like to congregate.

1. Art: Art can bring sophistication to your kitchen. And if your lacking color or texture, use art to bring those elements in.

2. Trays: You can use trays some ways. They are great for displaying oils, candles, bottles, anything that looks messy on its own.

3. White Dishware and Ceramics: Even if they don't match, stack white on white for an on-trend look.

4. Coffee Station: We're talking the thing! Assign a small part of your countertop to create an industrial coffee station, complete with coffee cups, a pour-over, and even a coffee maker.

5. Wooden Cutting Boards: Stack several against your backslash and you'll look like an educated chef.

6. Plants: They bring immediate style and color to your kitchen. You can either place them on the counter or hang them above.

Just remember, you can't go wrong with white ceramics, wooden pieces, and green plants. You also can't go wrong with thinking outside of the box. Unexpected pieces can create a beautiful look. Even if you don't cook, you can create a cool kitchen that is chef-worthy!