How to hire the right team of architects?

Design Inspires


I was talking to a restaurant owner once while we were having a walk through his project, he was talking about the key of his restaurant’s chain success and I quote “ I can tell a good chief from another by the way he holds the knife”.
Having a great team is essential to be able to bring a project to real life, whether getting the design approved or actually transforming the vision to blueprints.
But do we have something similar for architects? Are portfolios and CVs the only thing we can differentiate an architect from another? No! There are many ways to figure out how and each candidate is different from another in minutes!

1- The way they put their hands on the keyboard!
If you are looking for a candidate who will handle Autocad drawings, notice how they will place their hands on the keyboard and mouse prior to starting drawing.
If their left hand is placed on the keyboard with their middle finger close the “esc” button and the thumb on the space bar, you found someone quite fast in Autocad.

2- What steps they usually start with?
If you are looking for a candidate who will be working on 3D modelling software such as Autodesk Revit, give them the task to turn a pre-designed plan on Autocad to a model on Revit.
If they start with opening Revit and importing a CAD file, you got yourself someone who is less organised and potentially will deliver less accurate work.
A more organised candidate will set up multiple factors in Revit before importing the cad file such as project units, levels, true north…etc.

3- Communication skills Ask any candidate about their last project or graduation project, if they can tell you about the project and the idea behind the concept in less than a minute you found yourself a rockstar! Being a part of design team, all the team members have to be able to express their ideas very efficiently.
Architects who have great ideas and weak communication skills, most likely will have hard times sharing ideas, convincing clients or team member to share their vision.
There are many more factors to hire an architect, but for me I’d always go for the passionate over the skilled!